Thursday, October 26, 2017


Dear Friends,
After I joined my, I came to know about an exam called PSU through which I could enter IITs and study there. I decided that I need to crack that and enter IITs to pursue my higher studies.
Hoy do I start My preparation:
I didn’t wait for my professors to teach me a topic. I know how they teach. (I’m not blaming them!). So, most of the time, I used to read by myself.
I took GATE coaching in 2nd and 3rd years at Vani Institute Bangalore. When i went for the first time in 2nd year, every one was wondering how i could understand third year concepts which are not yet thought for me in my college. But i impressed even the faculty. I used to wake up at 4.30 AM and get ready and go to coaching. Reading some formulae or practice in the city bus was a routine which i used to do. In breaks at coaching too, i used to solve. This way i learned most of the concepts.
After returning from coaching in 2nd year, I studied thoroughly. Here I need to tell one thing- I never had fixed my eyes just on GATE. Learning concepts clearly was my goal. Which i achieved! I finished preparing for all the subjects by the end of 3rd year. I used to help my friends by clarifying their doubts. This way I learned still better.
By the end of 4th year 1st semester, I had revised all the subjects almost 3–4 times. I could tell the formula of all the topics in order. This I achieved not by just learning but by practicing. By a lot of practice, I could solve the problems very quickly.
I had given my exam with a very calm mind knowing that I have done every thing that has to be learnt. There was not even a single topic which i had left unprepared! I finished the entire GATE exam in 1.30 hr. For next 1 hour I did the entire paper again and remaining time for un-attempted ones! I did a few silly mistakes (nearly 6–7 marks) đŸ˜¦ . Past is past. I’ve achieved a rank of 3 in EC in 2017.

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